Western FPS 2.0 – a massive update!

Hello everyone, I have a couple of good news for you! Before releasing my new game, Warlock Revenge, I have decided to upgrade the Western FPS to version 2.0!

Here are some changes:

1. A lot of levels have been refreshed. The main roads to the exit are the same, but there is some additional trails and non-linear features;

2. Some new easter eggs have been added, this time they will refer to some films or music bands.

3. You will have to spend some time while searching for the keys, they are hidden better now;

4. Amount of ammo, hidden on the levels, and the health of some enemies has been changed, now you can carry more ammunition with you;

5. Game will be a little bit harder, it also refers to new additional ways on the levels, they will be more hardcore than the old ones.

P.S. I am also thinking about making a DLC with new levels, enemies, weapons and plot. If you are interested, please like this post and write comments so I could understand, that you really need this DLC!


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Mar 20, 2017

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