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I really do love this game a lot. It is a throwback to the early '90's, first generation of pre-Wolfenstein FPSs, with a charming Western theme, (think Catacomb Abyss 3D as a Western). The controls are simple. The first few levels might give you the impression that the game is too easy, but it gets more challenging as the stages progress. It even has a fun bonus level at the end if you complete both episodes. I hope that you enjoy this game as much as I did.


I love these old still games so I've done the first two levels. I will do more but thank you. A great little game


out of curiosity, what engine is it? Looks beautifuly retro

Hi! This is Raycasting Game Maker 4.62


lovely, bought it on Steam, those bears were a nice suprise :) shame RGM stoopped development

Thanks dude! I'm glad that you liked the game ;)


Did a LP of this for our channel! Here is the first part!

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Thank u man! It's realy good let's play!

DOOM Like western FPS great idea, nice graphics!

I love the retro style!

Thank you ;)