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Hans Slumber is a logical game with elements of horror. You play as Dr. Hans Himler, who works in one of the experimental hospitals of fascist Germany. Under the cover of scientific purposes, he puts to torture and destroys many prisoner- patients. In his heart Hans realizes what evil he does, and he dreams nightmares because of it...

In the game you will travel through the terrible dream of the doctor, in which the souls of deceased patients appear in different forms for just nemesis. Moreover, Hans has to open many doors to make headway on the plot. Each of them requires a certain number of keys, which can be found at the game levels. There are always few keys. So you'll have to think before you use them for the next door. This is the logical component of the game.

Features of the game:

  • The oppressive atmosphere with terrible sound accompaniment;
  • A lot of different levels and a bunch of logical puzzles;
  • A big variety of enemies in the form of spirits and ghosts;
  • An intriguing plot touching upon the subject of good and evil;
  • Secret places and items for the most attentive players


OS: Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / X
Processor: 1 GHz +
Memory: 32 MB RAM
Graphics: Integrated Graphics

Languages: English


HansSlumber.zip 36 MB

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Pretty neat, great sound effects and I liked the retro aesthetics. Few things worth mentioning; clicking the key button whilst not aiming at a door used the key, which makes doors impassable and forces a restart. Also, not sure if this is just my mouse but it was nigh on impossible to use it to control the camera, the sensitivity seemed extremely high, might be worth implementing a control for this in the options menu. Otherwise nice, I would happily play more. Voted your Greenlight.


Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately the game engine is quite limited. I will try to fix the bugs that you indicated.


Gave it a go...

Thank u for good let's play man! This game is not final version, and I'll take your comments into account!